Help improve the wellbeing of Africa’s rangers through the provision of adequate accidental death and disability insurance cover.

Rangers across the world are subject to an increasing risk of confronting life threatening encounters. They operate in extreme environments, and in their efforts to protect our natural heritage, face the risks associated with dangerous wild animals, sickness, community backlash, and the increasing threat of armed poachers and militia groups. Almost 70 rangers from Africa were reported as killed between July 2017 and July 2018. The real number is thought to be much higher!

A WWF study, focusing on rangers employed by governments across the world, reported that rangers are not getting this necessary support. The study surveyed rangers from 40 countries worldwide and 10 countries in Africa. In Africa, 40% of those surveyed were not covered by health insurance, 50% had no life insurance and 60% had no long-term disability insurance. As a continent, it was found that Africa's rangers were the worst off.

The difficult and often dangerous working conditions of rangers impacts on their morale. The life-threatening risks faced by rangers are among the range of work stressors that negatively impact on their well-being. Society cannot afford to lose rangers from protected areas. It is therefore essential to ensure rangers receive the necessary support and protection to prevent job dissatisfaction and a negative impact on morale.

The GRAA has partnered with SATIB Insurance Brokers to create a unique product for rangers across Africa called #rangerprotect. It offers 24/7 cover, even when rangers are off duty and can serve as a primary or additional source of cover to rangers.

GRAA was confident to partner with SATIB, who has been an industry leader for the past 25 years in the tourism, wildlife and conservation fields,as they are invested and share similar views for the conservation of Africa's wildlife.

Our initial target has been met with 1000 rangers already covered by #rangerprotect since its inception. Cover is available for rangers from Angola, Botswana, Kenya, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia and Zimbabwe. Further territories are currently being explored.

For as little as USD 32* or ZAR 385/ annum you can ensure cover of approximately USD 18 750 or ZAR 225 000 to ranger's families should they be killed in the line of duty during an anti-poaching activity.

*Amounts vary based on exchange rate. Terms and conditions apply.

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