Ranger Legacy

The GRAA has partnered with well-respected conservationist and internationally recognised photographer, Peter Chadwick on this conservation photography campaign to raise awareness about the fact that rangers are the heroes of the conservation effort. As an ex-ranger and GRAA professional member, and having spent numerous years in the field, Peter Chadwick is in the unique position as a conservation photojournalist to understand the work and complexities that rangers face. This ensures that his images capture the real story of the rangers.

030Controlled burn in the fynbos at nightPeter ChadwickAfrican Conservation Photography

The general public does not always understand the extent and complexity of the work that rangers do and the impact that they make for conservation. With the epidemic of rhino, elephant and other poaching that is crippling Africa it is more crucial than ever before to expose the public to the incredible work that these individuals do in ensuring that our natural heritage is preserved for future generations.

 Through the use of his iconic imagery, coupled with thought provoking text, this campaign:

    • Showcases the critical role that rangers play in African conservation.

    • Provides the public with a greater understanding of the work that rangers do whilst ensuring the integrity of Africa’s protected areas.

    • Raises awareness about the extreme working conditions faced by rangers on a daily basis.

    • Allows the public to understand and partake in a “Call to Action” that supports rangers and the work that they do.

Key Messages:

  • Supporting rangers is supporting conservation.

  • Supporting rangers is supporting the species and habitats that they protect.

  • Rangers form the ‘thin green line’ protecting our natural heritage, they are our last line of defence.

  • A ranger's work is multifaceted and is much broader than just anti-poaching efforts.

  • Without rangers, conservation efforts in Africa are doomed.

  • Solutions are available – change the dialogue from adversity to collaboration and support and solutions can emerge.

  • Protecting nature is up to everyone not just rangers.

10 Kosi Boat Patrol PeterChadwick AfricanConservationPhotographer

To date, the Ranger Legacy Project showcases images from Tembe Elephant Park, Ndumo Game Reserve, Phinda Private Game Reserve, Somkhanda Game Reserve, Nambiti Private Game Reserve, as well as a number of reserves from Big Game Parks, Swaziland. 

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