African Ranger Congress & GRAA AGM 2018

ARClogo1The Game Rangers’ Association of Africa hosted the first African Ranger Congress alongside this year's AGM from 21 to 24 August 2018.


The African Ranger operates in very unique and challenging conditions. As a result, solutions are uniquely African.  In getting to such solutions, knowledge and experiential sharing will be critical as well as the strengthening of cross-border networks. Thus, an African Ranger Congress, the first one ever, was  of great value to promote best practice across the African ranger profession.

The main theme for this event was to build effective capabilities and support systems for Rangers across Africa. It was endorsed by the International Ranger Federation and supported by the Thin Green Line Foundation. The GRAA faciliated and organised the congress.

The event took place from 21 to 24 August 2018 at the Southern African Wildlife College (SAWC), Hoedspruit, South Africa where over 105 rangers from 15 different African countries gathered to share their experiences. Learnings will be taken to the World Ranger Congress in Nepal 2019.

During the congress the 48th GRAA AGM took place on Thursday, 23 August. Minutes will be circulated in due course to all members.



At the 2016 World Ranger Congress in Colorado, USA there was broad representation of African rangers, representing many countries in Africa as well as many ranger associations or organisations which employ rangers. At the dedicated African Ranger meeting, there were a number of calls made by African rangers that Africa should host its own ranger congress. As such this unanimous call has been taken up by the IRF African representative together with other rangers from the congress. Gabon initially expressed interest in hosting the first African Ranger Congress but in consultation with other representatives in 2018, South Africa under the guidance of the Game Rangers’ Association of Africa offered to put together a programme

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